18th Century Market Fair

18th Century Market Fair at Locust Grove

Market Fair is open today, October 26, from 10:00 am – 4:30 pm, with a more relaxed schedule due to weather.

Saturday, October 26 – Sunday, October 27, 2019
10:00am – 4:30pm

Experience the 18th century with all five senses! You are invited to join Locust Grove and the Illinois Regiment of Virginia as we bring the spirit of the past alive with the Market Fair. You can participate in 18th-century style entertainment, purchase replicas of 18th-century military and household items, and enjoy food and drink as our founders did, see the pony cart, sheep, and horses, and meet and converse with early Americans. Mock battles for our country’s independence feature General George Rogers Clark’s own company, the Illinois Regiment of Virginia, as well as British Dragoons and Marines. Admission $8 adults, $4 children. Admission includes parking.

Accessible parking is in the front of the Visitors’ Center. All other parking is in the field east of the visitors’ center.

All dogs must be leashed and picked up after while on site.

Artillery demonstrations will only take place at times listed in the schedule.

An accessible and family restroom is located in the visitors’ center. Please ask a staff member or volunteer at the front desk in the visitors’ center for assistance.

For accessibility questions or media inquiries, please contact Hannah Zimmerman, Marketing and Communications Director, at 502.897.9845 x 108 or marketing@locustgrove.org.

For participation information, please see reenactor information below or contact Brian Cushing, Program Director, at 502.897.9845 x 107 bcushing@locustgrove.org.


96 District Fabric: Historic Textiles and Sewing Notions
Apple Cart Creations: Spinner, Knitter, Fiber Arts
Blue Heart Shop: 18th century General Store
Cathy Grafton Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Embroidery and Quilting
Custom Wig Company: Historic Wig Making Demonstration
Dancing Weasel Silver: Silversmith
Flying Canoe Traders: 18th-century clothing
Hen House Forge: 18th Century Blacksmith
J. Henderson Artifacts: Stoneware
Loom Hall: Weaver
M. Cain and Aubrey Williams, Blacksmiths
Margaret L Bickenheuser, Maker and Purveyor of Fine Baskets and Seat Weaving
Matthew the Cordwainer: Handmade Shoes and Leather Goods
Michael Nagy, Leather Artisan
R. McKinney, 1777: 18th-century Woodworker
Romantically Bent: 18th-century clothing
Samson Historical: 18th-century general store
Shady Grove Woodworks: 18th-century woodworking
Simple Soap Works: Handmade herbal lye soaps
Spring Valley Lodges: Tents and Tent Supplies
Strano Books: Bookbinding
Virginia Floor Cloth Company: Handmade floor cloths and hand-dyed and printed scarves
Weeping Heart Trade Co.: Fine leather goods and reproduction clothing
West Fork Forge: 18th-century cutlery
Wm. Rudolph: Maps, Charts, and Prints



His Lordship’s Beef | 18th-century food with fire-roasted meat; wines and ales sold by Locust Grove

Locust Grove Concessions|Familiar favorites

Hellringer & Kurtz Kaffee Haus| Tea, Coffee, and Hot Chocolate


Daily Entertainment and Special Features

  •  Self-Guided Tours of Historic House (Saturday 10:00 am – 4:30 pm; Sunday 1:00 pm-4:30 pm)
  •  18th Century Food and Cooking (Hearth Kitchen)
  •  Become a Scoundrel! Look for members of the Canting Crew, including the Resurrectionists, the Gambler, the Rat Catcher and others. Start with Maggie the Old Pauper at Pauper’s Corner (see map) to begin! (Market Grounds)
  •  Lisette LeFoux- Learn your fortune from the tarot and tarrochi reader (Market Grounds)
  •  Silas Moore, The Rat Catcher (Anywhere and Everywhere)
  •  18th Century Philosopher with a Cabinet of Curiosities (Market Grounds)
  •  The Office of Dr. Benjamin Franklin (Market Grounds)
  •  Faire Wynds 18th century circus (Near Dairy)
  •  Mousetrap Puppet Theater (Market Grounds)
  •  Parson John, 18th Century Traveling Minister (Market Grounds)
  • British Baggage Display and British Women Camp Followers (Crown Forces Camp)
  • Meet the Troops—Military Life in the 18th Century (Congressional and Crown Forces Camps)
  •  Don and Esther Drury—Music in the historic house

Schedule of Events

Saturday, October 26, 2019

City of New York, 1779

10:00 am Morning Colors (Congressional and Crown Forces Camps)

10:30 am Jack Salt & Friends (Porch of historic house)

11:00 am Congressional Forces Camp Tour (Congressional Forces Camp)

11:15 am Faire Wynds Circus (Near Dairy)

11:30 am Artillery Demonstration (Battlefield)

12:00 pm Jack Salt & Friends (Visitors’ Center, Auditorium)

12:00 pm Crown Forces Camp Tour (Crown Forces Camp)

12:30 pm George Rogers Clark and the Illinois Regiment Capture Fort Sackville (Market Grounds)

1:00 pm Lessons from the Canting Crew at Scoundrel’s Alley (Market Grounds)

1:00 pm Crown Forces Fashion Show (Visitors’ Center, Auditorium)

1:30 pm Women of the Revolution Fashion Show

1:45 pm Jack Salt & Friends (Market Grounds, Jack Salt Marquee Tent)

2:00 Military Recruitment (Kids’ Militia, Porch Side of Historic House)

2:15 pm Sin Eater (Scoundrel’s Corner, Market Grounds)

2:30 pm Congressional Forces Fashion Show (Visitors’ Center, Auditorium)

4:00 pm For the Poor Ye Will Always Have With You (Scoundrel’s Corner, Market Grounds)

4:00 pm Military Retreat

Schedule of Events
Sunday, October 27, 2019
City of New York, 1779

All Day 18th Century Whiskey Mashing Demonstration (Distillery)

10:30 am Morning Colors (Congressional and Crown Forces Camps)

11:30 am Faire Wynds Circus (Near Dairy)

12:00 pm Jack Salt & Friends (Jack Salt Marquee Tent, Market Grounds)

12:00 pm Crown Forces Camp Tour (Crown Forces Camp)

12:30 pm Lessons from a Canting Crew at Scoundrel’s Alley (Market Grounds)

12:30 pm Military Recruitment (Kid’s Militia; Porch Side, Historic House)

1:00 pm Artillery Demonstration (Battlefield)

1:30 pm Jack Salt & Friends (Porch, Historic House)

1:30 pm ‘For the Poor Ye Will Always Have With You’(Scoundrel’s Corner, Market Grounds)

2:00 pm Sin Eater (Scoundrel’s Corner, Market Grounds)

2:00 pm Congressional Forces Camp Tour (Congressional Forces Camp)

2:00 pm Shepherding in the Valley

2:30 pm Faire Wynds Circus (Near Dairy)

3:00 pm Battle of Stony Point (Battlefield)

4:00 pm Military Retreat

Map showing locations of vendors, food, parking, and other site features during Market Fair.



Reenactor Information

For participating reenactors, please register here.

To expedite the registration process, once you have registered, please complete the following forms and email them to Brian Cushing at bcushing@locustgrove.org.
Forms may also be presented or completed upon arrival to the site for the event.
2019 Participant Waiver

2019 Temporary Volunteer Form

Firearms Guidelines for Market Fair

Market Fair Artillerys Rules

Hosted by Kellar’s Company of the Illinois Regiment of Virginia.