Cultural Pass

Welcome to the 2022 Cultural Pass at the place where Louisville begins!

Locust Grove Cultural Pass Offerings:

Each Tuesday Locust Grove will offer a variety of hands on history activities that show our guests a glimpse of life in the early 19th century.

Cultural Pass holders will receive a complimentary station tour of the first floor of the historic house, which includes a couple fun extras! Young learners can play a unique I Spy game finding artifacts throughout the home, and some of our older learners might enjoy finding the small sheep hidden throughout the home as well!

Just like last year, we will also have a Hands on History Touch Table featuring artifacts and items relating to the community of men, women, and children enslaved at Locust Grove. Visit us to learn how a turtle shell, chandelier crystal and a spoon are important items in understanding the history of enslavement at Locust Grove!

Throughout the summer (dates may vary) we will also be host to Ballyhoo Farm and Fiber Emporium! Special guests to include Poppy the goat, Shepherdess Madeline and her amazing textile creations.

If you can’t enjoy the tour in person, check out our virtual offerings:

Take a virtual tour of Locust Grove! 

Take an audio tour of Locust Grove’s grounds and outbuildings! 

Access our Lessons from Locust Grove YouTube videos! 

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