Lessons from Locust Grove

Locust Grove is where Louisville begins, and this is where you can continue learning about the world of the 19th century at home!

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Week 1

Making Homemade Butter


Download a worksheet on making butter at home here: How to Make Butter

Further learning:
Early American Dairy with Townsends
Blog post on the Locust Grove Dairy
Dairying at Monticello

The Locust Grove dairy.

Week 2

How to Make Your Own Berry Ink

Ink Making Activity for Grades K – 8

Ink Making Activity for Grades 9-12


Week 3

How to Make Candied Violets

How to Make Candied Violets Worksheet

Week 4

How to Dye Eggs with Onion Skins

Download How to Dye Eggs with Onion Skins

Week 5

How to Make a Timeline and Document a Day In Your Life

Download Instructions for How To Make A Timeline: How to Make a Timeline

Download our Day in the Life Activity Sheet: A Day In Your Life Timeline

Week 6

A Day in the Life

Download A Timeline of George Rogers Clark’s life here: George Rogers Clark Timeline Activity

Week 7

Making a Family Tree

Download instructions on making a family tree: How to Make Your Family Tree

Download a blank family tree: My Family Tree

Download an All About Me worksheet: All About Me!

Download Family Tree Vocabulary: Family Tree Vocabulary

Week 8

It’s Garden Week at Locust Grove!

Play Garden Bingo! Download your Bingo Card here: Garden Bingo

Week 9

How to Make a Blackberry Crisp: Recipe and Worksheet Here.

Week 10

How to Make 19th Century Macaroni and Cheese!

Recipe and Worksheet here: How to Make 1824 Macaroni & Cheese

Watch a video here! 

Week 11

How to Make Citron Melon Preserves

Recipe and worksheet here: How to Make Citron Melon Preserves

Week 12

The Anatomy of a Flower

Parts of the Flower

Flower Word Scramble

How Many Flowers Can You Name?

Week 13

How to Make Switchel

How to Make Switchel Worksheet

Week 14

Getting Dressed in 1810

Watch the video here! 


Week 15

How to Process Fiber

Coloring Pages

Locust Grove Grounds

Birds of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail

Arabesque wallpaper coloring sheet

Young William Croghan miniature

Young Lucy Croghan miniature

Miniature Portrait of Dr. John Croghan