The Farm Distillery Project

The Farm Distillery project represents the small farm-scale distilling activities of early Kentucky, before mass production.

An Age-Old Process

Making whiskey from excess corn and other grains was one of the best ways to preserve the crop, and was almost universally done on Kentucky estates like Locust Grove. Kentucky’s whiskey had not yet developed into the now distinct Bourbon. While some of the elements were there, Locust Grove’s whiskey was likely white and unaged, never having touched the inside of a barrel.

Our Distillery Exhibit

Locust Grove’s farm distillery uses a period-style log building to demonstrate the role of distilling in early Kentucky through exhibits, first-person interpreter programs, and demonstrations. Distilling was often the work of enslaved workers, especially women, and this part of the story will be explored as well. The exhibit is educational in nature, and will not produce spirits for consumption.