Interpretation Task Force

The Interpretation Task Force honors and preserves the history of African and Caribbean descendants enslaved at Historic Locust Grove, promoting peace, healing, and acknowledgment of their trauma.

Four Pillars of the Interpretation Task Force


We seek to acknowledge the true history of enslavement at Locust Grove, and to tell an accurate story that honors the men, women, and children who were enslaved at Locust Grove.


We seek to create engagement with diverse audiences at Locust Grove. We seek to engage with researchers and descendants, giving them a voice to the history and interpretation of the home of their ancestors.

Community Building

We seek to build a community of descendants, engaging them in the interpretation of the full history of Locust Grove. We seek to identify other community groups in our local area that we can partner with to further educate on the history of Locust Grove.


We seek to acknowledge the generational hurt and trauma that enslavement has caused and find ways to have safe, healing conversations about our shared history through tours, programs, and conscious descendant connection.

Current Goals

  • Identifying descendants and creating a descendants database.
  • Creating engaging and informative content on the Locust Grove website and other publications regarding the descendants database.
  • Dedicated research on the cemetery where members of the enslaved community may be located.
  • Revitalizing the Locust Grove Interpretative Plan.
  • Planning an annual in-person descendants gathering.
  • Creating an active Descendants Committee and nominating identified and engaged descendants to Locust Grove Board.



  • Debra Middleton, Professional Genealogist and descendant of Charlotte Brown
  • Christopher Padgett, President of the Kentucky Genealogical Society and Locust Grove Board Member

Staff Advisors

  • Kaitlyn Tisdale, Locust Grove Director of Interpretation
  • Carol Ely, PhD, Locust Grove President/CEO


Members at Large

  • Tyler Fleming, Locust Grove Board Member, Associate Professor at the University of Louisville Department of Pan-African Studies
  • Shannon Floyd, Mediator & Licensed Therapist
  • Rev. Troy Overton, Locust Grove Volunteer, Pastor at Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • Andrea Meriwether, Locust Grove Board Member, Louisville Tourism Black Tourism Advisory Council Member
  • Del Marie Vaccaro, Locust Grove Board Member and Researcher
  • Jill Cooper, Locust Grove Board Member
  • Gwynne Potts, Board Emeritus
  • Janet Guerin Muller, Locust Grove Board Member
  • Jermaine Fowler, Author of The Humanity Archive


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