Louisville Coalition on the History of Enslavement

The Louisville Coalition on the History of Enslavement is a partnership between four Louisville, KY historic house museums and former sites of enslavement: Historic Locust Grove, Farmington Historic Plantation, Oxmoor Farm Foundation and Riverside, The Farnsley-Moremen Landing.

Our Partners

The Slave Dwelling Project

The Slave Dwelling Project envisions a future in which the hearts and minds of Americans acknowledge a more truthful and inclusive narrative of the history of the nation that honors the contributions of all our people, is embedded and preserved in the buildings and artifacts of people of African heritage, and inspires all Americans to acknowledge their Ancestors. Part of the mission of the Slave Dwelling Project is to raise awareness and organize resources to preserve, interpret, maintain and sustain extant slave dwellings and other structures significant to the stories of the enslaved Ancestors; support and encourage individuals and organizations to preserve and mark sites related to the institution of slavery and the legacy of slavery; and to engage people in honest conversations about slavery, race, racism and racial equity in search of improved racial relations.

Thank you to our sponsors!

  • Guy & Elizabeth Montgomery
  • Kentucky Humanities
  • Montgomery Realtors
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors are always needed to support our cause! The Louisville Coalition on the History of Enslavement is looking for more sponsors to help us organize the many great events and opportunities for our communities. Please contact ktisdale@locustgrove.org for more sponsorship information!

Past Events