Virtual Tour

The interior of Locust Grove has been furnished to show the home of family of wide connections and sophisticated taste. The tour below lets you "walk" through the house. Then scroll down further and click on each room on the floorplan to learn more about the house when the Croghans lived here.

About the Collection

In the Kentucky of the early years of the 19th century, the time period represented here, the country “seat” of a gentleman could be as fashionably furnished as anywhere else in America. Few original family pieces remain, since the house’s contents were sold at auction in 1849. Portraits, swords, books, and silver are all that survive from the Croghan family.

Since restoration began in the 1960s, collection pieces have been acquired based on wills, inventories and other documents of the Croghan family and their Clark relatives in an attempt to illustrate life in a wealthy family of the time and place. Although the Croghans had access to things from all over the world through Major Croghan’s import connections, Kentucky craftsmen produced most of the large furnishings found in fine Kentucky homes such as Locust Grove. The furniture collection at Historic Locust Grove is considered to be one of the finest collections of Kentucky furniture anywhere.

Also on display in the house are six family portraits, three of which were painted at Locust Grove, including George Rogers Clark, the senior Croghans, Ann Croghan, and George and Serena Croghan.