The Enslaved Community

Amos, Bob & Lamb

Amos, Bob, and Lamb were three men transported to and sold in New Orleans by John Croghan. They were sold as a lot of three for $3,100 to Nathaniel Evans in 1818.

Amos – born about 1798 – age around 20 in 1818
Bob – born about 1793 – age around 25 in 1818
Lamb – born about 1798 – age around 20 in 1818

There are currently no other known references to these three men with the Croghan family, so it is difficult to ascertain if they lived at Locust Grove prior to their sale or if they were purchased to be sold at a profit.

During this period of the 19th century, owners from the Upper South often sold enslaved people “down the river” to meet demand in the expanding Lower South, often breaking up families in the process. It’s possible that John Croghan sold Amos, Bob, and Lamb as a quick way to raise funds, as selling further south, where outhands were needed to farm on large plantations, generated more funds than selling locally.