Event Rental Policies

Historic Locust Grove is a National Historic Landmark as well as an accredited museum, where we remember and acknowledge all of those who lived and worked here, free and enslaved. While we are pleased to make this site available for special occasions, preserving the site and sharing the history is our primary purpose, and we invite you to learn about, value, and care for the historic nature of this place while you are here.

Rules & Information for Facility Rentals

  1. Wedding ceremonies and photography are not allowed on the porch of the house, and we request that any wedding photography not include images of the house.
  2. All event set-up and clean-up are the sole responsibility of the renter. Clean-up must be underway by 11:00 p.m. Our site Caretaker will clean the restrooms, lobby floor, and parking lot.
  3. Music may be amplified. The site Caretaker has the final say as to volume, and failure to comply with the caretaker’s directions will result in the property being closed without refund.
  4. Locust Grove is able to provide 90 chairs and a number of tables, including fourteen white round 60′ tables, two 36″ squares, fourteen 8′, and four 6′ rectangles for rental use. Please confirm availability prior to reserving linens and other equipment.
  5. Tent and catering setup may begin outside before the time of rental, but rental activities that may interfere with the facility’s normal daily operations may not begin until the time of rental. Set up in the Audubon Room may begin at 3:30 p.m. All wedding ceremonies begin after 5:30 p.m.
  6. Renters may use any caterer they like. However, all cookware, serving utensils, and barware must be brought to the site.
  7. Fresh flower petals and birdseed are permitted outside and decorations may be wired or tied to trees and porch railings. Due to preservation issues, no balloons, confetti, or glitter may be used on the property. No nails, tacks, tape, or any other adhesive are to be used on any walls, buildings, trees or fences.
  8. At the conclusion of the rental, renters are responsible for having the site returned to its pre-rental condition. Any tables, chairs and other equipment should be broken down and stacked neatly under tents or in storerooms.
  9. Rental companies, if used, must be located within a 30 mile radius of Louisville.

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