Statement on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism

Statement on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism
Historic Locust Grove, Inc.

Locust Grove is a former site of the enslavement of men, women, and children of African ancestry. The 1790s house itself, the largest and most significant artifact on the site, was built by the skill and hands of enslaved people. The site’s original owners profited from labor exacted at the cost of persistent pain and trauma that resounds through the years, with an impact still felt today.

We believe that uncomfortable conversations surrounding past and present racism are necessary for growth and change, and require courage and respect from all involved. We believe that as a history museum we can help to illuminate the practices of the past that have led us as a nation to where we are today. We appreciate those that have challenged us over the years in conversation over these issues.

We at Historic Locust Grove strive to hold all events and programs sponsored by Locust Grove and its partners to high standards of accessibility and inclusion of all members of the community. For those times when we have failed to recognize how members of this community have experienced exclusion, belittlement, and racism, we apologize. We will do a better job of listening and responding.

Historic Locust Grove is committed to the following actions:

– We are committed to researching and telling the stories of the people enslaved on this site and honoring their humanity and individuality, ensuring that they are not nameless or forgotten.
– We will draft standards for ourselves and our partners and those holding events at Locust Grove to ensure there is sensitivity and respect for those living and those who have passed.
– We will continue to train staff and volunteers to recognize and not perpetuate racist and discriminatory actions and attitudes, and to enforce standards of behavior in our events and programs, while still telling the truths about Locust Grove’s past.
– We will continue to actively seek diversity in participation on our Board, committees, staff, volunteers, and community partnerships to more fully represent the community.
– We are committed to examining our site interpretation and current institutional practices and dismantling the systems put in place that exclude and marginalize black people, indigenous people, and people of color, as well as people with disabilities, and members of other marginalized groups.
– We will continue to learn and teach about past and present systemic racism, and unconscious bias, in order to allow all members of the community to feel safe and supported in visiting and participating in programs on our site.

We ask our community to hold us accountable to ourselves, and to you, as we do this work, through conversation, communication, and education.

The Board and Staff of Historic Locust Grove, Inc.
May 17, 2021